Scholarship, Awards and Recognition Committee

First Annual Nurses Excellence Awards


The Scholarship, Awards, and Recognition Committee is divided into two sub-committees: 1. The Awards and Recognition Committee, and 2. The Scholarship Committee.

I. The Awards and Recognition Committee 

A. Awards and Recognition Committee Goals and Objectives: 

    1. The FANOGCS Awards and Recognition Committee honors members and non-members and their exceptional initiatives in uplifting this nursing organization. 
    2. Outlining and putting into effect the Outstanding Nurses Awards to be held every two years or once every term. 
    3. Re-assessing and reviewing of the current award categories as well as establishing of new or future awards and recognition, if necessary. 

B. Award Categories: 

Currently, there are 11 award categories. 

    1. The Florence Nightingale Award – FANOGCS most prestigious award, honors a Registered  Nurse, active or retired, for their years in nursing service. This is a lifetime achievement award given to an individual who contributes a legacy that becomes a foothold or part of  FANOGCS history. 
    2. Best in Nursing Service Award – This award is given to any member, officer, or advisor of  FANOGCS, who has significant contribution to nursing profession, by undertaking additional or graduate studies and/or certification, as a clinical nurse. 
    3. Community Service Award – This award acknowledges any member, officer, or advisor of  FANOGCS, who performed a non-paying job or voluntary service, in the community, either or both, locally and internationally. 
    4. Leadership Award – Award given to any officer or advisor of FANOGCS that exhibits outstanding leadership skills in rendering services to the organization and to other members. 
    5. Paglilingkod Award – Paglilingkod is a Filipino word for service. This is a Member Service  Award given specifically to a member of FANOGCS. The officers and advisors are exempted from this category. This award is given to a member who has shown selfless service and willing to go above and beyond in giving his or her time, talents, and generosity to help the organization’s internal activities, such as, committees and/or educational conferences. 
    6. Brand Ambassador Award – This award is given to a member, officer, or advisor, who actively invites non-members to join the organization and had the highest number of recruits. 
    7. Inspirational Award – awarded to a FANOGCS officer or advisor, who exemplifies and upholds the organization in a positive way, as well as living up and practicing the philosophy of the organization. He or she is a model officer or advisor, inspiring everyone in achieving the goals and objectives of the organization.
    8. Outstanding Member of the Year – This award is given to a FANOGCS member, like  Inspirational Award for officer or advisor. Outstanding is somebody that is very good,  exemplary, noticeable, and striking, displaying excellence as a member of FANOGCS. 
    9. Associate Member of the Year – This award is given to a nursing student or nursing student graduate, who has served with FANOGCS and has been active with FANOGCS mission and vision. 
    10. Karangalan Award – Karangalan is a Filipino word that means honorary in English. This award is given to an individual, organization, or sponsor, that exhibits noteworthy contribution and support to FANOGCS. 
    11. Presidential Award – This is a special award designated by the current President and  President-elect of FANOGCS. This award is given to any member, officer, or advisor of  FANOGCS. Here are the criteria for the selection of the recipient of this award: (1). Any member, officer, or advisor that raised funds for the organization = 20%; (2). Full-time  service in nursing = 20%; (3). Professional accomplishments = 20%; (4). Leadership and  mentorship = 20%; and (5). Community and voluntary service = 20%.

II. The Scholarship Committee 

The Scholarship Committee invites all eligible FANOGCS members who are currently or will be pursuing a master’s degree, a Post-Master’s Degree, or a Doctorate Degree in  Nursing to apply for the annual scholarship award offered by FANOGCS. This scholarship grants financial help to members who are seeking higher education in nursing. The  Scholarship award is given annually for $500 in one academic year. The recipient is selected by the Scholarship, Awards, and Recognition Committee.