Filipino American Nurses Organization
of Grand Canyon State

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A heartfelt thank you to all of our sponsors, donors, supporters, volunteers, members and officers. Your generosity and kindness are greatly appreciated. 

Your donations go towards our Medical-Dental-Vision Missions. Sponsorship packages are still available. You can still join the VIP’s.

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Filipino American Nurses Organization
of Grand Canyon State

FILIPINO AMERICAN NURSES ORGANIZATION OF GRAND CANYON STATE is a professional nursing organization in Arizona established on June 25, 2020. A number of visionary nurses in the East Valley banded together to form this new organization that is member-led and member-driven, and whose mission is to promote and advance the nursing profession through continuing education, leadership development, community service and global outreach. FANOGCS is also a 501( c )(3) designated non-profit organization. 

Our organization was founded to advance the nursing profession among Filipino American nurses with the core values: Knowledge, Empowerment, and Service, especially, and be more responsive to the needs of this unprecedented public health crisis, known as Covid 19, when the pandemic crisis began in 2020.

Membership Categories

Filipino-American Registered Nurses with active Arizona license.

Retired Nurses, LPN, LVN, pre-NCLEX Nursing graduates, Student Nurses, Allied health professionals, non-practicing nurses. No voting privileges.

Registered Nurses with active license outside of Arizona, non-Philippine descent Registered Nurses. May have voting privileges, but may not hold an office.

3-Year FANOGCS Membership (General Member or Member at Large).

Member Testimonials
“I joined FANOGCS because I believe in the mission and vision of the organization. We are a group of nurses passionate about promoting education, leadership, community and global outreach. By being together, we can make a difference by utilizing our time, talent and treasure. It’s always been a marvelous feeling seeing the fruits of our labor.”

— Melody Orillo, BSN, RN, Chandler Regional Medical Center
Member Testimonials
“I joined FANOGCS because I believe in its mission to promote and advance the nursing profession through continuing education, leadership development, community service and global outreach. The organization has a strong leadership. Also, I’m a proud member of the FANOGCS Education, Research and Grant Committee.”

— Alily Burayag, RN, Physical Medicine of Arizona
Member Testimonials
“I joined FANOGCS because primarily, I believe in the vision and mission of the organization. I would like to meet and bond with people who might not have the same points of view in life as mine. And to also help with the organization’s plans and actions that I may in turn, improve myself, in whatever aspect I could and have.”

— Mary Joyce Gentoba, B2C Medsurge Tele, Chandler Regional Medical Center
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Here is a little highlight from the 2022 FANOGCS Christmas Party. The theme was “The Christmas Spirit Shines From Our Hearts.” 

We would like to thank all the guests, supporters, donors, volunteers and members for making this event memorable and fun. 

Thank you, Jonathan Magistrado of Duo Cor, LLC for the video highlight and Joanna for introducing him to FANOGCS.


Our Mission & Goals

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and advance the nursing profession through continuing education, leadership development, community service, and global outreach.

Our Goals

  1. To empower Filipino American nurses to become future leaders in our organization and in our workplace.

  2. To develop an organizational culture that enhances camaraderie and focusing on cultivating member cohesion.

  3. To foster unity in diversity. Members come from different backgrounds, lifestyle and nursing specialties, but we are united by our commitment to advocate for nurses, to advance quality healthcare through education, research and leadership.

  4. To exercise independence with our decision making in order to be effective and efficient in meeting our goals and mission in a timely manner.

  5. To plan, coordinate and participate in appropriate health programs and services, including emergency crisis, natural disasters and medical missions to the community both locally and globally, with other associations, 501c3 organizations and agencies.

Our Leaders and Members

Our leaders spring from a roster of dedicated nurse professionals, tasked with leading and fulfilling the organization’s mission and goals. FANOGCS has a 97 strong membership, making it a prominent nurse professional groups in Arizona. Being a newly-formed organization, it has cohesively worked on Covid-related webinars, led in civic-engagement projects for the health and welfare communities and encouraged socially distanced activities and programs to complement member welfare.

For the full list of the current officers and members, please click here.

Read Our Blog

FANOGCS Covid Resources

In 2020, the year of the pandemic, FANOGCS was organized to urgently respond to

the overwhelming public health crisis in Arizona.

“The decision to make our unit the designated Covid unit for our hospital was not received warmly and openly as one can expect. 

It’s mainly due to fear of the unknown: is the virus airborne or droplet; N95 mask or simple surgical mask? Do we have enough equipment to protect the frontline workers?

We had two days to mentally prepare the staff with a townhall meeting and two days after, we were “it”.

For a full text of Donabella’s Nurse’s COVID story, please proceed to this page.

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