Fundraising: Typhoons Rolly & Ulysses in the Philippines

Fundraising: Typhoons Rolly & Ulysses in the Philippines

“The Courage to face the everyday tasks God has laid on us because we’re all in these together.”

“It is in giving that we received and the channel of blessings remained open for everyone to share their blessings to the underprivileged people of our country, the Philippines.”

The Tactical Operations Group 3, Tactical Operations Wing Northern Luzon together with the personnel of Philippine Air Force Civil Military Operations Group (PAFCMOG), 710th Special Operations Wing (SPOW) and Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) assisted in the successful transport and delivery of the relief items at the Municipality of Sta Maria Cagayan for their distribution to the affected families in the area. This undertaking was made possible thru the support of our benevolent stakeholder, the Christ’s Church Ortigas and FANOGCS.

The Philippines was again hit by a devastating & powerful back to back Typhoon Rolly category 5 on November 1st and on November 11 typhoon Ulysses category 4 in the midst of a pandemic causing the worst flooding in Manila and different areas with fatalities of death and missing citizens.This has affected so much of the families of Catanduanes area, Camarines Sur & Cagayan Valley including provinces of Quezon , Isabela & Tuguegarao, their livelihoods of fishing & farming. The restrictions on both International & local travels because of Covid-19 made it so hard for donors & supporters from the East Valley to reach them, but God is good all the time allowing FANOGCS to mobilize it’s members and partnering with Buhay Buhay sa America with Rhia Luz, Tess Bongon, Dr. Pam Zapata and Rose Cavanaugh of Our Lady of Penafrancia to provide the needed help and assistance to our impoverished kababayans through monetary contributions channeling them through trusted volunteers in Camarines, Catanduanes & Cagayan Valley area. It is heart breaking to see these families left without anything other than their wet clothes on top of roofs and higher elevations, sometimes in remote areas where relief goods has to be delivered by bancas. All monetary donations were used to buy tons of sacks of rice, mats, flash lights, mosquito nets, tarps and essential health products & most especially foods. FANOGCS was very grateful to all its members, friends & families for trusting us with their monetary contributions that it will be delivered to the people affected by these Typhoons . Along with this good deed is the generosity of Scootopia Ice Cream shop in Phoenix to allow a full day of fund raising which help the Archdiocese of Cáceres in Bicol & Camarines Sur, represented by Fr. Joal Bernales of St. Anne’s in the Town of Gilbert.
It is in giving that we received and the channel of blessings remained open for everyone to share their blessings to the underprivileged people of our country, the Philippines.
Donations were sent to the following areas:

•Catanduanes areas
•Bicol Region, Camarines Sur
•Naga City
•Cagayan Valley
•Diocese of Gumaca, Quezon
•Provinces of Quezon, Isabela & Tuguegarrao
•Tagnawa, Sanchez Mira

As of this writing, there was still no water with very few power and electricity in some areas. Many homes are still under the mud and filth and roofs were lost , no beds or blankets, people were sleeping on bare ground with mosquitoes hovering day and night. The generosity of the donors are seen in the assistance to the poorest of the poor and humanity was visible through the kindness of all that’s involved in allowing this provisions to happen.
Filipino American Nurses Organization of Grand Canyon State (FANOGCS ) are beyond blessed for all the kindness that was shown to the children of God.